Artist Marguerite Gil has a penchant for Asian art. 

However all styles of art are important for her. It started when she was about 10 years old.  Her father, a Chief Engineer on ships, roamed the world and brought her back the most spectacular gifts.  He brought her dolls, shoes, kimono and chopsticks from the Orient, wooden carved warriors from Africa, artifacts from Chile and Art books from Europe.  

The love for paintings, sculptures, textiles, objects d’art bloomed each time she opened one of her father’s worldly gifts.

She received her first art scholarship from Columbia University in New York City when she was only sixteen.  Although she had already sold some of her paintings, the scholarship gave her access to the ‘magic’ of oil painting.   That was only the beginning of her travels through ART.

Here are some samples of her Far East creations which were done right.