Fishy Dish                      Fishy Dish

When I was a kid, my father, mother and grandmother constantly scolded me because I played with my food at the dinner table.  Today, I write articles about great chefs who played with their food. 

I just created a delicious healthy dish, (except for the optional chips), that you might enjoy making. 

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While on a recent trip to Santo Domingo we had an opportunity to visit the headquarters of Brugal Rum. First produced in 1888, Brugal Rum is making its way into American homes because of its unique nature. This product starts with a clean and dry distillate, which is then aged to maturity. The rum is then transferred and allowed to mellow for an additional 18 to24 months in specially selected Spanish Sherry Oak casks. Five generations and artisanal crafting commences with a double distillation followed by a careful selection of the best rums that undergo a double aging process.


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I visited the Miami Beach Botanical Garden last week and walked over to see the‘Les Damesd’Escoffier’ newly planted Garden.  It was ‘baptized’ recentlyand the plants are already bearing fruits. 

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