Most of us know the story of Gloria and Emilio. 

They are local, national…and international heroes on many levels.  We appreciate their generosity, their abundant talents and their gratefulness to America.  They have continually produced exceptional musical hits with a rhythm that is so representative of Miami.  They have also shared their hardships and successes with all of us.  Leaving their homeland and loved ones for a new beginning was and is for many of us difficult.  However… sit back and experience one more heartfelt yet happy episode of their lives with this explosive stage production of GET ON YOUR FEET!

Rehearsals for this production were originally scheduled to start in early January of this year however Omicron interrupted the rehearsals.  But remember, talented ”bursting from their veins”, artists are unstoppable.  Talented young actors, singers, musicians, in this musical live to perform and they absolutely do it with gusto at the Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables, Florida.

Lighting struck when Gloria and Emilio met.  This musical weaves, a true story about how they understood that they were ‘meant to fuse and create magical, musical, moments’ which we can now all enjoy today.

Am I gushing?  Absolutely.  I had a perpetual (under my mask) smile during the whole evening at the theatre. This production runs through March 6th 2022.   Call: 305-444-9293 or click on this link: for ticket information, prices and directions.  GET ON YOUR FEET and go enjoy.