Art Launch is one of those exceptional outreach events, which invite the public to reach out, exchange vibes and get involved in the arts community… with vigor.  

This yearly free intervention takes place at the Arsht Center.  Perfect place. The goal is to introduce the public to an assortment of artistic projects that make South Florida the pinnacle of …well…the arts.  I’ve attended since its inception.  I go early. I stay late.  I cherish this caldron of creative nourishment.  It makes us all smarter, better and more conducive to mindful sparkle.

The first thing we did was to sign up for the Arsht Center tour.  I thought I knew this theatre.  I’m a member of the press so I get to see the ‘behind places’ that the general public doesn’t witness.  That’s fine because I will ultimately share the highlights with you.   Have you been in the nose bleed seats?  Yep, it’s up there.  I have a problem with heights.  However I didn’t tell our guide.  So there I was hovering close to the wall while everyone was looking down onto the Bedia Hands art project that you can only see from leaning over the top levels of the theatre onto the far-far away floor. Then there is the Bermudez wall site. Also check out the etchings on the glass upper level partition. 

We interwove through chorus singing, children drawing and a host of people spinning for prizes.  It’s an exciting experience, where you will no doubt shake hands with many of the movers and shakers who make this community remarkable.    We are so lucky.