We enjoy the 94th AERO Squadron restaurant for so many reasons.

1)    Parking is so easy and free on their private parking lot.

2)    The view of the National and International planes taking off and landing is exciting to experience.

3)    The restaurant’s ambience is friendly along with a very professional wait staff.

4)    The menu is extremely varied and during Sunday Brunch is ‘all you can eat’.

5)    They have a kit’s menu and a coloring book and crayons for the ‘yung ones’ which keeps the kiddies busy.


Best of all the preparations are always delicious and most of all ‘for me’ the close-up view of planes taking off and landing during your stay are PRICELESS.


94th AERO SQUADRON Restaurant, Lounge & Events (Adjacent to the Miami International Airport) is located at 1395 NW 57th Ave., Miami 33126 Fl.

Reservations and additional details: 305.261.4220 or visit https://www.94miami.com