I’ve been in South Florida long enough to remember an abandoned Wynwood on any night of the week. 

There were a number of factories in the area (there still are), scattered here and there.  At 5 p.m. at the end of every afternoon, workers (mostly women) rushed homewards and Wynwood became dark and void of cars and people. 

One day years ago, a daring gallery entrepreneur decided that it was a good place to start something new. Suddenly, a lonely street in Wynwood, greeted curious guests from an impressive mailing list to the forbidden neighborhood.  Well-heeled art enthusiasts began showing up for creative art adventures (there was even a Rolls Royce brought into the gallery as an object d’art once} and Wynwood was on its way to morphing into TODAY.  As other galleries rented spaces in Wynwood, ‘No Parking’ signs appeared, streetlights were restored, and police protection became omnipresent.  Decades later, high-level apartment buildings in the area have potential renters on long waiting lists.  Restaurants are flourishing and events have popped up everywhere.

We received a fb note from ‘WOK STAREleanor Hoh noting that she would be at the SMORGABURG MIAMI in Wynwood on Saturday, January 21st.  Good excuse to get there.  Parking was difficult however we succeeded, then made our way to the ‘Chinese red Lanterned’ food event.  The outdoor ‘eating block party’ was in full swing.  Long lines and yummy aromas were everywhere.  Adventures in menu items included: Angel Wings, Gyoza, Spring Rolls, E-Sarn Sausages and Crab Wontons.  Another Asian stand offered Green Curry, Red Curry, Panang Curry, Yellow Curry Massaman Curry and Larb Kai.  Still another offered Duck Darling.