Cruise Cabana Deluxe is a worthwhile drive into the heart of Miami's Wynwood district.

The name of the indoor-outdoor eatery is reminiscent of the literary exotic travels of "Robinson Crusoe". From the street side, palm trees become a passage way into a musical dining area that incites breeziness. You're not in Wynwood anymore. You're by the seaside of South America's western coast. Let your eyes get familiar with the lights, the shadows and the music. There is so much to encounter. A massive mermaid it suspended overhead in the dining room. Walk under murals and chandeliers and flickering lights. The scene is set for a great meal, good service and fun.

The mostly seafood menu is varied and delicious. If you enjoy seafood, you're in the right place for fresh delightful preparations. Dishes like Tiger's Milk Oysters or the whole fried red snapper for two, matched with the house coleslaw and tostones. There is a large assortment of shrimps, clams, black mussels, scallops as well as the fresh 'catch of the day' topped with the yummy green sauce on the menu.

Chef Karlos Rodriguez Spranger is a creative, innovative chef. He mixes and crafts unusual combinations of seafood. His dishes look like works of art. The varied menu takes familiar favorites and rearranges them to create new tastes for your palette. Chef Karlos' origins are from Peru and Portugal, two seaside countries where seafood reigns.

Taste his wonderful creations along with signature cocktails and a fully stocked bar offering all libations and call brands. We loved the place. You're in the middle of Miami's Wynwood neighborhood yet you're on a desert island in the pacific, enjoying seafood dishes the will make you smile.

Things to look forward to will include special events, entertainment and everyone's "favorite meal." They also offer a "Sunken Brunch" on Saturdays and Sundays.

White Feather Management Group invites "castaways" to visit often for unchartered dinner party experiences.

Crusoe is located at 165 NW 23 St., Miami 33127.

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