As a decades long food writer for numerous publications, you all know that I delight in sharing delicious foodie news with you. 

We live in NE Miami.  Minutes from Pelican Harbor-Island, which contains a well-known busy boat ramp.  I’ve written about the stationary grey-hued ‘Wings’ that greet drivers as you drive east on 79th Street towards the beach.  Those ‘ Submarine Wings’ are also the place where food trucks unite every Wednesday afternoon in NE Miami, just as the sun is setting.

I don’t know who came up with this amazing food- truck- genius- idea, however the Wings and I salute you.

About 16 food trucks station themselves at the harbor every Wednesday starting at 5:00 p.m.   Park your vehicle for free. Stroll over to the ‘open air enclosure’ then check out the menus of each Food Truck.  Benches and tables are abundant.  Music is omni present, and the sunset is just waiting for your appreciation.

I watch the Shark Tank TV Show often.   One of the generous billionaires is Barbara Corcoran who some years back helped a newly formed company called Cousins Maine Lobster. These hard working men and women, who she backed, harvest sweet, tender, succulent lobsters from the icy waters of their home state and share their bounty with us at their numerous Food Trucks around the country.  Diego was our chef and he brought out our lobster sandwiches and our amazing lobster soups right to our picnic table. As the hours passed, more and more people and their children showed up to share a wonderful evening together.  It is so worth the drive there.