You’re driving east on NE 79th St. in Miami. 

Just after the first bridge you might notice a ‘bunch of grey, upright, life size wings’ located at the Pelican Harbor boat launching site. Have you ever wondered what those ‘wings’ sticking out of the landscape are?  Years ago, I did, so I investigated.  In fact, they aren’t wings. They are submarine ‘FINS’ decommissioned and recycled by the U.S. Navy and turned into an art installation by artist and Professor John T. Young.   Back in the 90’s Professor Young envisioned The Fins Project:  From Swords into Plowshares. The 10-12 foot, 12 steel fins were carefully stationed across the hundred feet of Pelican Harbor bayside terrain.  They weigh 10,000 pounds.  Young said he hoped to provoke memories of the Cold War and The Cuban Missile Crisis. Ultimately, he wanted to convey cooperation between countries and promote global peace. Curious?  Go to: .

Now about the eats.  Food trucks have been lining up at the Pelican Harbor boat ramp and serving up delicious dishes every few weeks.  We were delighted recently to see a dozen food trucks cooking up a storm amongst the ‘Fins’.  There were plenty of free park benches and tables to share, good loud music, kids running and dancing and foodies like us just wanting to enjoy the atmosphere and the sunset.  We sat at a table with charming people from the Philippines and just talked and laughed with each other.  Check your local listings for Food truck times and places. Easy parking. So worth the drive there.