There are numerous meanings describing the word Avalon. 

The one I thought best fit this appetizing restaurant named A Fish Called Avalon was, according to the original legend, ‘Avalon was an island full of wild apple trees, grapes vines and grain plants, which grew there instead of wild plants.  Because of this, the people who lived there did not have to farm and lived out an idyllic existence.’ 

Dine at A Fish Called Avalon and you will be surrounded by good food, an ambience that is rather idyllic and the essence of the world famous South Beach district.

The outdoor patio section treats guests to an endless parade of locals and visitors who stroll up and down (now car- less), Ocean Drive.  Inside it’s cool, subdued and elegant.  Chef Kal prepares meals that are predominantly seafood inspired.  The Charred Octopus appetizer is unforgettable. The Seafood Platter is a flavorful symphony of freshly caught seafood, garnished with international spices and the lobster appetizer is perfectly cooked and smothered with butter and herbs.  Sides include sweet potatoes mash, Basmati rice, leek potato mash and sauteed broccolini.  Fresh ingredients and an award-winning chef create luscious flavors that make meals there memorable.  Oh, and don’t forget to order a slice of the chef’s 1st prize, winning Key Lime Pie.

Recently the outdoor patio was set aside for a delicious birthday party, honoring the lovely DeAnne Connolly Graham.  Talented singer Maryel Epps and her accompanist Mario Morero provided the Jazzy Soulful musical notes.  Beverages, finely prepared food, a glowing moon, a yummy birthday cake created that day by Chef Kal, was enjoyed by all the guests.

A Fish Called Avalon is located at 700 Ocean Drive in Miami Beach 33139. 

Reservations can be arranged at Open Table or just call them at 305.532.1727. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT THEM