Maybe it’s the moon’s orbital position this month but when did all of this restaurant tipping get so loony? 

We paid homage to a talented artist (Dina Knapp) at her artistic posthumous opening in the Miami Design Preservation League building recently, and then decided to leave Ocean Drive for a quieter dining place on Washington Ave.

We finally settled on EO, which according to our waitress Kortney stands for “a sort of a speakeasy for Employees Only”.   Catchy.  Outside dining was OK except for the loud music speakers hidden in the bushes by our table.  But, hey it’s the beach.  A light dinner was all we needed to finish off our delightful evening and I admit the tunes were good. 

The Daiquiri was nicely priced at $9.00 (Happy Hour price).  The Mac & Cheese was $15.00.  My 2 glasses of Riesling and a Calamari-sauce and lemon squeeze appetizer came to $ 34.00.  Again, it’s the beach.  But when did EO decide what our tip would be?  Tips is short for ‘To Insure Proper Service’ in food language.   

The service was hospitable however rather slow.  We didn’t dare ask them to lower the music, partially because we were chronologically the most ‘mature’ couple there and because well, it’s the beach.   So let’s see, net total without the sales tax and resort tax was $58.00. 

We don’t have an issue with tips.  In fact wait staff usually appreciate our tipping habits.  However when did any establishment decide that they could obligate us to leave a 20% tip without consulting us first?   Too bad for Kortney.  Otherwise we would probably have left her a bigger tip because she had a nice smile and a good attitude 

EO located at 1030 Washington Ave., Miami Beach 33139.  Details: 786.264.3945.