My friend Victor and I try to get together for lunch once a month. He lives near Garcia’s on the Miami River. 

The food is good. Mostly seafood and I admit that we like the nostalgic décor as well as the view of the vessels slowly floating by.  I posted that info on fb and got a note from Wok Star Eleanor Hoh which stated that I should give Casablanca Seafood Bar & Grill, right next door (400 NW North River Drive, Miami 33128), a visit too. 

I remember both of these places 25 years back.  They were touristy and colorful, way back then.  They still gladly cater to out-of-towners as well as a very loyal, local clientele.  And then there are the diners who arrive on their 50’ yachts and anchor right by the eatery. Ahoy.

We shared a hefty portion of Fish Fingers, the Special Seafood, Veggie, Risotto plate and gulped down 4 large draft beers, and it was all delicious.  Total for the meals, fantastic view and no rushing us out of the establishment after we finished dining was $64.00… and worth it.

Now here’s what I really appreciated.  Gratuity calculations were based on the actual food prices.  Has anyone else noticed that there are plenty of restaurants calculating the tips on menu items AND on the taxes?  Check your receipts carefully. Tips for good service should not be calculated on taxes,  resort fees, etc.. 

Easy street and valet parking.  Visit for details.