Miami Spice is full swing and we so look forward to this delectable time of the year for South Florida.  However there are some notable restaurants that are not part of Miami Spice. 

However they still deserve our attention.  Moshi Moshi Biscayne is one of our go-to places.  The setting is Asian inspired, which is apropos.   Dishes are served quickly by a welcoming wait staff.   Prices are reasonable and their menu items range from simple Tempura to creative vegetarian meals.  They are located at 7232 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 33138. Details: 305 751.2114.

We were headed eastwards towards Benihana on the 79th St. Causeway when I missed my turn.  I ended up making a U-turn in front of the ‘Fountain’ and suddenly there it was. Taste Buds of India, Authentic Indian Cuisine. Sometimes everything works out for the best. This is another place where the customer comes first.  Everything we ordered was so tasty and so well prepared.  The environment is serene.  They serve Chatt/ Indian Street food as well as Tandoori Dawat dishes.  The Biryani is rice-based and made with dry fruits and flavored spices, garnished with fried onion and mint.  The meat or vegetables are served with Raita.  This was a treasured discovery. Taste Buds of India is located at 946 Normandy Drive, Miami Beach, Fl., 33141. Details: 786.773.2033.  By the way, Benihana is also absent from the Spice list but always fun, yummy and packed.  So make reservations.

Joey’s in Wynwood has delicious pizzas.  I’m sure the rest of the Italian menu is just as tasty however we’ve never had anything but the pizza dishes.  We recommend those cheese dripping, bubbly hot, saucy pizzas very highly.  Joey’s is located in the heart of Wynwood at 2506 NW 2nd Ave., Miami 33127.  Details:  305.438.0488.