On a semi-cloudy, Sunday morning we headed towards the Deering Estate in SW Miami. 

The trick is to get there before opening because parking is difficult after 10 a.m.  Yet, it’s such a worthy cause that parking problems are a non-issue.  Besides, most of us can use the walk from car to entrance.

Walk past the flower filled opening pathway and head towards a sea of happy families just enjoying the historic property.  Close to 10,000 attended this year.  Get there early.  homestead your territory and then just sit back and enjoy great food, rocking musical bands and tons of vendors sharing their wares.

Oh, and let us not forget the Virgin Islands Stilt Walkers and the Bahamian Junkanoo Parade filled with feathered dancers, musicians and of course the hypnotic musical notes of the high pitched drummers.

The kids are deliriously happy too.  Parents can unleash the kiddies towards, bouncing castles, climbing cliffs and grassy, ‘run until you drop’ tag grounds.

Seafood dishes provided by local restaurants and celebrity chef cooking demonstrations are abundant. 

After two plentiful dishes of Stone crabs, Ceviche, grilled Shrimp and snips of fish bought from a local vendor we walked over to the Chef’s Demo Tent where local chefs were explaining cooking techniques to packed audiences.

Mary Pettit, Deering Estate Foundation Executive Director said: “Our K-12 programs serve over 17,000 kids a year.  We take great pride in helping to educate the future stewards of our planet.”

Details: Deering Estate, 16701 SW 72nd Ave., Miami or visit www.deeringestate.co