Here’s a film that has it all… in a “French” way.  That means it has substance, but is severely lacking in killings, stabbings, chokings, decapitations, guns, knives, etc. 

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If you’re into food, you’ve no doubt heard of bad boy foodie Anthony Bourdain.  For a number of years Chef Bourdain, who is also an author, TV host, world traveler and notorious food critic,has eaten his way into our hearts…or not. Last year he ended his long-running“No Reservations” show on the cable Travel Channel, andjumped right into his next boob-tube gig entitled “The Layover” whichhas the same basic concept as his prior show except it concentrates more on people and places.  Still, Bourdain’s layovers continually find their way into interesting eateries here and there and in this writer’s humble opinion, gives viewers a seedy sort-ofreality view about the way the rest of the world treats sustenance, which thanks to the Bourdainborders on entertaining.

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FLA-FRA (Florida-France) is a new Tigertail Project taking place all of April 2014, celebrating art from France, Florida and beyond.  Expect a community-wide fete of dynamic, robust concerts, films, pop-up performances and other events happening throughout Miami, at theaters and unexpected locations. 

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