The Actors' Playhouse


The Miracle Theater

280 Miracle mile, Coral gables, FL 33134



Carl Perkins and producer Sam Philips booked a recording session with Sound Record on December 4th, 1956 to record a number of songs.

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Illuminated, knitted, woven and crocheted yarns, covered metallic poles which stood majestically in a large glass room at the Lowe Art Museum recently. Curated by Lance Fung he wrote:  “It is a huge honor to be invited as guest curator for the new, six part exhibition series for the Project Room at the Lowe Art Museum.  Strategically placing Stitching the Gap as the inaugural exhibition will allow all visitors to walk through the artwork or see it glowing, like a beacon, throughout the evening.  I still recall my impression from my first studio visit and was amazed by the unique cross cultural material selection, conceptual rigor and social depth Alex embeds in all her work”. 

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