So, do I watch many sports Matches?  No.  RG and I did however watch 12/18/22, the Match-Argentina vs. France for the World Cup.  We thought France had a 50/50 chance of winning against Argentina. 

Odds favored Argentina…however we can always hope.   My sister-in-law who like us is not really interested in Futbol, (Nobles Oblige), was on the phone with us, also watching the Match simultaneously in France. We all agreed about the outcome.

Most of the game played out as we expected.  Close to the end of the game, Argentina had 2 points, France 0. Then something unbelievable happened…a point for France.  Another miracle, another point for France.  Quoi??? A few minutes left in the game and it’s 2-2,… quoi? Now everyone on our planet who is watching this game is paying attention.  Another miracle, France gets a penalty.  Penalties add time to the game.  Then, another penalty for France.  Then another.  It felt like a bolt of lightning struck the French team. Now it’s Argentina 2 -France 2 plus… the penalties!   I go to check with RG and I jokingly said, “Wouldn’t it be something if we won on penalties?”  We laughed, however…  Now, the unbelievable is taking place and I’m screaming.   I have a feeling that many billions of sports lovers all over the world were also screaming. It was warm in Miami, and our windows and doors were open. My (non-watching the Match) neighbors must have thought, there goes Marguerite, on a screaming rant again.  Then more penalties. 

We can agree that this was possibly the BEST MATCH EVER. The suspense, the agony and the sheer force of the French team was heartwarming. After the Match, French President Macron hugged each and every player and tried to console all of the team.  Hugging…You don’t see that happening often. France lost by a penalty.  Sadly, BEST MATCH EVER!

Argentinian festivities were taking place all over Miami.  I would have really enjoyed joining the happy crowds however… I’m French and disappointed.