I look forward to this show every year.  

It exhibits works by many of the most talented artists from everywhere.  Art lovers arrive by the hundreds of thousands to stroll throughout the bayside Grove area, enjoy music, a variety of foods and beverages and just absorb the art and sun.

Parking was a bit of an issue.  I’ve always found a secret parking free area.  Then it’s just a short walk or the local shuttle to get to one of the four entrances.  Traffic was as expected, difficult however the police did keep the traffic flowing while directing art visitors to the 11 garages available.  Valet parking is always available or otherwise make your visit smooth by taking Uber or Lyft. If you get to the Grove early enough there are also parking meters in the area.

Ultimately, we noticed many smiling shoppers carrying paintings and framed artworks under their arms.  Plenty of bags with delicate sculptures too.  Needless to say food was abundant as was band music and D.J. presentations.

I’ve written about this amazing festival for decades.  It’s sincerely one or possibly the best art show anywhere. If you missed it this year well, there’s always next year.