Sometimes, it’s just too much. I enjoy art shows, I create art, I support art and artists, I like looking at artworks, I have a house full of art.

 We can all agree that South Florida has been lucky enough to host many amazing art presentations during the last 20 years including Art Basel, Art Miami, Context, etc.   

There were dozens of shows to visit this month. Free events. Expensive events.  Private shows in luxurious homes.  Seen and be seen shows. Overwhelming… comes to mind.  The Pandemic, parking issues and just getting dressed to look the part, wears me down. And then there is now vaccine check-in lines and masks are the new ‘norm’.   

I’m happy to be a part of all of this glamour and meet people from around the globe BUT… miss a few shows, post a few less ‘selfies’ and just know that, it’s OK to stay home and skip the insanity.  Happy ART WEEK 😊