Events seemed endless. during this mid-July Miami week.

For the French (me included), July 14thFrenchies’ all over the world will be celebrating their National Holiday.  That means Champagne, good food and plenty of parties. 

The next day France will be going for the GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL at the FiFA World Cup Russia Watch.  They’ll be cheering for their team in restaurants, at stadiums and in front of giant street screens in small towns everywhere.  

The PAMM in downtown Miami invited members and guests to head on down to the Art Museum to also view the match and view the art.  By the way since I mentioned “Watch” while you’re at the PAMM check out Picasso’s ‘Woman with a Watch’ where the painting is on display through Oct. 16, 2018.  Go to for details and ticket prices.

Also, this week ‘Models Wearing Almost Nothing’ are sashaying down runways during Miami Swim Week.  My friend Cece Feinberg who has been in charge of Swim Week Calendar since 2004 said, “Swim Week is the biggest platform for the U.S.  It could be a chance to find the hottest new brand or the chance to find a new distributor, a new contact, a press opportunity”.   Add to that a multitude of satellite functions that are also in the swim” and by next week you’ll be exhausted.

Writers note:  I remember when we called what we wore to the beach or pool… bathing suits.  Most of them were slightly daring however stylishly discreet.  None of that in these shows.  I have handkerchiefs that contain more fabric then most of the swimwear I experienced at Art Hearts Fashion Show, (FAENA FORUM), where HALE BOB, JUST BONES BOARDWEAR and CANDIC CUOCO put on quite a visual opportunity.  Beautiful models wearing great designs created by talented people were everywhere.  Events will continue until a surprise runway show pops up at Saks Fifth Avenue on July 16th.

Visit  for dates and prices.