I’ve been a writer for numerous publications for several decades. 

I’ve never done what I am going to publish in Le Dish.  However, there’s always a first time.  I’m including a paragraph written by Hoichi Kurisu, Master Garden Designer of Roji-en.  I can’t write anything more powerful to describe this extraordinary haven.

“Strolling through a pine forest or bamboo grove, viewing the rock formations, arrangements of plants, and cascading waterfalls, pausing to ponder the quiet surface of the lake and shoreline-little by little we are encouraged to lay aside the chaos of a troubled world and gently nurture the capacity within to hear a more harmonious, universal rhythm…This is the tremendous power the Japanese gardens at Morikami Park hold for us.”

My daughter, her son and I spent hours just bathing in the beauty that is the Morikami recently and as always it was magical.

“In the early 1900’s, a group of young Japanese farmers arrived in what is now northern Boca Raton and formed an agricultural colony they called Yamato. An ancient name for Japan.  The colon’s farming endeavors were ultimately unsustainable, however, and almost all members of the original colony returned to Japan. In the mid 1970’s one of the remaining settlers, George Sukeji Morikami, then in his 80’s donated his land to Palm Beach County with the wish for it to become a park to preserve the memory of the Yamato Colony.”

The park is located at 4000 Morikami Park Road, Delray Beach, Florida, 33446. click on the link: www.morikami.org or call 561-495-0233 for information.