This was the highlight of our cruise.  The city sits on a bluff or a big hill if you prefer.

At the paramount is the Old City (Vieux Quebec), which overlooks the St. Charles and St. Lawrence rivers.  Again we were fortunate to have a warm sky and beautiful weather conditions. The ship moored early in the a.m. which allowed us to enjoy the sunlight as it glowed at dawn.

Excursions were plentiful however (as usual); we choose to discover the narrow streets and charming historical sites on foot.  Quebec is known as New France. It has a formidable history and a 400-year old legacy. 

About 95% of the people speak French as their primary language, but mostly everyone also speaks English.  

The city is divided into two parts- The Upper Town (Haute-Ville), and the lower Town (Basse-Ville).  Sites such as Chateau Frontenac,  (a magnificent green turreted castle), Place D’Armes, the Basilica of Notre-Dame, Place Royale and the restored Quartier du Petit-Champlain which still has cobblestone walkways and friendly little cafes that are a historian’s delight.   Both Basse and Haute are linked by the funicular, as well as European styled streets and stairways. This city is packed with a multitude of cultural events,  monumental works of art, galleries, creative boutiques, good restaurants, mass transportation at reasonable prices, a  government that gets things done  and, and, and… great healthcare.

I said this more than once during our stay in Canada, I would move there in a heartbeat if winters weren’t so cold.  But then we also notice that hundreds of thousands of Canadians hibernate towards Southern Florida   in the winter where we live.  So I guess our solution would be to migrate north during our excessively warm summers. Hey?