Boston is one of the most historic, diverse and charming cities in the United States. 

It’s the capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the historical center of New England.  The pilgrims settled on the shores of Massachusetts Bay in 1620. This city is often referred to as the “Cradle of Liberty”. 

It’s the second week of September and it should be much cooler but off came the sweaters and shawls and on when the shorts and t-shirts. The ship offered dozens of excursions. The cheapest at $59 for the Old Town Trolley Tour of Boston.  We decided (as we usually do) to walk to the city from the Port (about 8 blocks).  As we headed towards our destination I spotted a bus going in our direction.  I said to RG “start running, we’re getting on this bus no matter where it’s headed” Lucky us.  The #7 bus drove us right into the heart of the city and cost us $2.00 p/p.  First stop was ROSS (I know), then we found a T-Mobile, Starbucks, Walgreens and ventured over to Quincy Market three blocks away.

Quincy Market is a delicious ‘trip’ into a culinary hallway.  Plenty of the food vendors will offer strollers, free samples of their specialties.  If we had been so inclined, we could have eaten both our breakfast and lunch without the use of a wallet.  However I was hoping to get to Chinatown for lunch so sampling was held at a minimum.

Our handy free map headed us towards Downtown Crossing and untimely Chinatown.  Boston is exciting at every turn.  Too much to see in just one day or even a week.  The trip back to our ship cost us another $2.00 p/p, (you need to have the exact amount) on the # 7 bus.  Great city, nice people and with a comfy pair of shoes you can get just about everywhere. Tomorrow Portland, Maine..