We had to go see this amazing temporary Public Art installation, composed of 720 brightly, colored  umbrellas that cross Giralda some 20’ above the sidewalk. 

The pedestrian only walkway, which houses dozens of varied restaurants in Coral Gables, is a mecca for foodies in search of creative dishes and yummy eats.

Sky Project was designed by the Portuguese creative visionaries of the Sextafeira Productions.  Coral Gables is the third community to welcome this unique world famous installation   The Coral Gables Community Foundation and the Business Improvement District welcomed this creative installation in order to enhance the quality of life of the community.  It   symbolizes the role of the Foundation as the ‘umbrella’ charitable organization of the CG community.  

We just happened to have lunch there a couple of months ago.  Notice the photo that I took at that time.  Practically no one was seated outside.  The sun was beating down on the empty metallic, outdoor tables and chairs.  As an artist who has been involved in large open-to-the-public art installations, I can say that the umbrella Sky project is perfect for energy conservation, green solutions and damn, it just makes that street so desirable to stroll through.  It’s beautifully arranged, simplistic in its design and is a magnet for the local businesses.  Hats off to Sextafeira.