Comfy shoes, a few bottles of water and a curious nature will be needed today. 

So I parked the wheels at Treasure Island and we ventured into The Twilight Zone.  I need to say, Las Vegas is a formidable town.  The Strip is just one small part of it.  I often hear people who live there say The Strip is not representative of the whole city.  However it’s where most visitors stroll and play, win and lose.  So we strolled and played. I won, they lost.

You can pretty much stroll anywhere, unhindered, on The Strip.  Casinos and restaurants encourage everyone to enjoy the slot sounds and bright lights.  Oh and as many of you already know, there are no windows or clocks anywhere. In fact even the doors that lead to the street are small and well-disguised.

Here’s another tip.  Look around for people who are holding flyers.  There are plenty of coupons available with discounts if you ask for them.  We had a delicious 25% off coupon per person, for the all-you-can-eat buffet lunch at Treasure Island.  Don’t forget to tip your wait staff.

So we walked, and walked and just kept walking, wandering into the Venetian, Flamingo, Palazzo, Wynn, MGM Grand and of course eventually to Margaritaville for a sip.  When we could walk no longer it was back to our calm neighborhood for Mexican treats and potent drinks. 

The next day was our last full day and needless to say (if you’ve read my daily notes), we were all exhausted but happy.  We got the low down on where to deposit the rental car, where to catch the free airport shuttle and where to snack for a reasonable price while we waited for our plane.  As Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.”

Next trip…Cancun.