So what do I mean by ‘originals’?  If you’ve been there you know.

If you haven’t been there well be prepared to see anything and everything “en masse’. The Cliffs has a shuttle service that gets you easily to Fremont Street with no driving hassles.  Most over-night lodgings provide some services to some of the sights.  Check them out.

So our driver deposited the 10 of us at The Golden Nugget.  It was not at all what I remembered.  Today this casino is a showplace, complete with great restaurants and they even have a huge Aquarium that anyone can visit for free. We arrived at about 6:30 p.m.  We should have gone directly to a restaurant.  We didn’t and trust me; we regretted not having done so.  After 7 p.m. it is impossible to find anywhere for dinner.  Every restaurant was packed.  Expect to wait for hours before being seated.

The ‘light’ show at the Fremont was disappointing.  Pretty good but nothing like when they featured the Blue Angles years ago. The street performers were eye popping. Clothing mostly optional. Check out my photos. Still, Fremont is quite exceptional and surly not to be missed when you visit Las Vegas. Try not to venture too far off of the main street.  It’s dark and lonely and not too reassuring.  We gladly tipped our driver and yawningly returned to La La Pillow Land.

Here’s a good tip. Treasure Island has all-of-the-time free parking, however get there early. Their multi-level parking lot fills up quickly. Tomorrow back to stop and stare at The Strip.