A Novel Trip seems like a novel approach to recalling a very recent vacation trip to the Atomic-Solar capital of America, Las Vegas. 

What was planned as a fun 7-day trip turned out (for me) to be nothing but a hardship on various levels.  However, we returned safely back on American Airlines and I’ll add, really appreciated getting smoothly back home.  By the way AA went out of their way to treat passengers with care and courtesy.

Surprisingly, our first two days were accompanied by 40 degree weather and scantily dressed Spring Breakers. Last year at the same time the temperature was in the 80’s.  We were amused by the tons of inebriated, happy kids letting off steam. Problem is that many of the super shows turned out to be closed during that week because let’s face it; ‘Springers’ would rather drink a few beers on The Strip than pay for expensive Casino shows.   Here’s something that we learned from a young student, if you don’t want to buy beer in a Casino or Bar because that can be costly, it’s legal to go into to any Walgreens or CVS, buy a six pack and walk around with your bargain cans of beer and indulge. So we ended up doing the same cheapo thing.  Why not?  

Another interesting fact.  The top tip of the Luxor (Pyramid Hotel) has a SKY BEAM that is so powerful the FAA uses the beam as a land identification site for night-time arrivals and departure planes using McCarran International Airport.  The tip reaches up to 500 degrees every night and attracts thousands of bats that swarm into an insect-feeding frenzy.