Curacao lies just 35 miles from the northern coast of Venezuela. 

It is 38 miles long, volcanic and included in the Netherlands Antilles.  There are approximately 135,000 people living on this island which is composed of 55 nationalities many who are direct descendants of Spanish, Portuguese, French, English and Dutch settlers and there are also several native tribes.

As expected water adventures are abundant. The Sea Aquarium Park offers a wide assortment of stingrays, sharks and tarpons that visitors can swim with and even feed under certain conditions.

We walked the streets.  Having been in this vibrant city before we retraced our steps and enjoyed the floating fresh market, the ‘stuff’ market place, the fun shopping stores, the  Rif Fort, St. Anna Bay and of course the specular floating bridge (known at the Swinging Old Lady)..  This is possibly my favorite ‘Dutch’ place because it offers so much for tourists to see and enjoy.