Day 4:  St. Johns, Antigua. Another beautiful day on lush tiny islands was in store.

Dormant volcanoes, emerald green hills, sandy pink beaches and plenty of interesting adventures to enjoy are available for a price.  Founded in 1523 by both the French and the British, the island’s deep colonial history is reflected in the abandoned fortresses, as well as its landscaped gardens, city squares and architectural details.

We opted for the catamaran cruise with a lobster lunch and an open bar ($119.00).Dolphins accompanied us through the turquoise waters, while we sailed by one of Georgio Armani’s luxurious nests.  We weren’t sure about our lobster lunch however it didn’t disappoint.  The crustaceans were fat, smothered with herbs and butter and grilled to perfection by our hosts. Dinner, entertainment and finally a fluffy bed ended a memorable day that we really enjoyed.

In MHO, the bathing area which was chosen for our specific excursion seemed like an abandoned island with decaying unfinished construction sites, no bathrooms and plenty of left over barbed wire scattered carelessly around the limited sandy beach. No umbrellas or huts were provided for guests, which is dangerous when delicate skins are compelled to roast under a tropical burning sun.