The Oxenberg Art Gallery located in the heart of Wynwood is presently showcasing works by Alejandro Mendoza, Sophie Bryces, Volker Kuhn, Bea Oxenberg and Fernando Vignoli. In the same space art lovers can alsoview paintings and sculptures represented by Kelley Roy Gallery. 

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Talented artists, a magnificent house plus an interior and exterior view that was priceless.  That was the special event that took place recently in Key Biscayne.  Exhibiting artists included Randy Burman, Frank Hyder, Charles Anthony Leano, Paul Morris, Steven D. Morse, Blanca Pratorius and David Zalben.

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My friend Carla Fache is a temple of colors, feelings, movements, landscapes and a painter who is seeking forms which collide with time, space and perspective.   About a year ago, we promised to meet for lunch, but busy schedules interfered with our plans. She kept on asking me to stop by her atelier located at Fountainhead. Well Ayn Rand and curiosityfinally convinced me to make my way to The Fountainhead Studios located at 7339 NW Miami Ct., 33150, for an open house recently.

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