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I remember being invited to the Little Haiti Cultural Center construction site many years ago.  The area singled out, was on 59th Terrace in NE Miami and plans were in the works for a well needed building that would bring a central, multi-cultural complex into Little Haiti. 

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  Friends  Painting  Lilia Garcia & fiends

Arts representative Carol Jazzar generously lent her ample garden/ arts space to celebrate the passing of well-known and vastly appreciated artist and teacher Robert “Bob” Huff (1945-2014) recently. The tribute was attended by over one hundred of Bob’s friends and colleagues on a very warm Sunday afternoon. They came from far and near to celebrate his life and his dedication to the Arts in South Florida. 

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           Art Lovers                                                                      Shulala

Hundreds of loyal fans gathered at the Lowe Art Museum in late August to wish Brian A.Dursum a happy retirement.  Mr. Dursum has been the Director and Chief Curator of the Lowe for the last 40 years.   He said, “It has been my privilege to work for the Lowe Art Museum.  With the support of our members, patrons, and staff, I believe we have accomplished a great deal over those years but there is always more to be done.” Dr. Shalala (who plans to leave her post at the U of M soon), thanked Mr. Dursum for his dedicated service and she and the Board.

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  Naydu Commenoz  

Possibly the grand dame of all of the art galleries in Key Biscayne is run by a very clever, astute art-lover named Naydu Commenoz.  The works exhibited in her art space are (in my humble opinion), picture perfect, gloriously symbolic and definitely top-notch.

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