Many years ago we took our first Caribbean Cruise on a Celebrity Ship.  We boarded an old vessel that had those huge navy-blue X’s located on the smoke stacks.  She was such an ancient ship that we were convinced  the only thing holding her together were the endless coats of paint that had been applied over and over again onto her hull.  I believe she has since gone to Celebrity Ship heaven.

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Mijares is a painter.  A handsome, Latin artist who is making the artistic rounds and getting plenty of attention.  Festival Miami commissioned him to create the commemorative poster for their 30th anniversary season.   The original acrylic on canvas entitled “Making Music through Art” gave South Florida a hint of his signature style of painting which highlights bright, bold colors interwoven with musical instruments. He is an avid music lover who enjoys classical music as well as a Spanish guitar or jazz.

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One of the first, annual fundraising events at the Miami Dade College Freedom Tower this year was Paper Hearts.  The event was curated by expert arts advocate and gallery owner BerniceSteinbaum.  Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and an impressive silent auction made the evening formidable.    However, MDC went beyond anyone’s expectations by featuring romantic grooves by DJ Hottpants and terrific displays of acting, dancing and contortionisms by the talented students of the college. 

Adriana Hoyos GaleryThe Design District has undergone some unbelievable changes since I opened a French inspired Art Gallery there, way back in 1986.  In the ‘80’s and 90’s, the streets in this beautiful section of Miami were mostly empty of visitors.  Many buildings were unrented and at dusk every day, well it was almost entirely abandoned except for a few places such as Piccadilly Restaurant.  Today, the area is booming with deluxe boutiques (Prada, Dior, etc.), famous name designers and architects and a luxurious furniture showroom that was opened a few years ago by Adriana Hoyos.

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