Doorways are interesting and everywhere. 

They protect, they defend, they separate, they incarcerate and if you’re adventurous they open your mind to the wonders of our planet. 

Omni talented Patricia San Pedro was born in Cuba and raised in Miami Beach.  Super smart, outgoing, talented and filled with curiosity she hit a wall a few years back.  Pat struggled with breast cancer.  For many women this is a one-way ticket to Hell.  For others it’s eventually a hopeful doorway to a potentially healthy future.  So, what to concentrate on when medicine is roaming thru your veins? 

Pat (among other things) is an insightful photographer. She’s a world traveler who has photographed foreign cities, passionate sunsets, the winks of nature and…doorways.  She took her cancer year and made it a year of art and creation.

Upon first glance, the viewer may think that they are looking at her paintings, then one realizes that her ‘paintings’ have not been created with a paint brush but with a lens (all taken by the artists over a timespan of many years).  Her images are laminated onto a wood background. They are carefully framed and include moveable parts. She said, “It took me a while to find these tiny doorknobs and hinges for each door.”  Once finished her works become a vision of light, texture and intrigue.  Ultimately, they are sculptured images.  For example, approach one of her ‘photographic paintings’ of a doorway in Valparaiso, Chile.  Pull open the door and surprise, discover a sunset slowing setting on a faraway ocean. Her unexpected doors encourage the viewer to roam, explore, discover and TOUCH.  Yes, you are allowed to touch the artworks.  She said, “there are many doors in our lives, and we should try to find and open them…excitement awaits.”

The present exhibition is at the GAL art LY Art Gallery at 2522 Ponce de Leon Blvd. in Coral Gables.  So, go touch and walk into her passion.  As of June 10, 2022, this present exhibition will close.  However, she will be exhibiting again soon.  I’ll keep you posted.