The Sagamore Hotel has been a beacon of artistic merit for many years.   

Recently dozens of talented artists exhibited their works at REMIX, Music Is Life.

Curated by the hotel’s resident art advisor Sebastien Laboureau, the revamped space showcasing emerging and well-known artists inspired and dedicated to music, embodies the significant juxtaposition of art and music. If you are in South Beach, meander and discover amazing sculptures and paintings …for free and then spread the news.

Writer’s note:  Walk into a variety of hotels along the beach and be dazzled by the amazing works of art that are on view everywhere.  The W has a beautiful collection of African Art. The Faena Hotel has Illuminating wall works at the entrance. Then wander towards the beach area and view a full-size Mastodon covered in gold leaf (or 22 kt.  liquid gold) under a glass case.  The Sagamore is always filled with creative works that line their hallways. The all-suite Boutique Hotel (1671 Collins Ave., 305.535.8088 on South Beach) is also known as the ART HOTEL and it wears its name very well.