RG and I seem to have an issue with invitations. We read them.  We follow instructions. 

More often than not,  we get to the wrong place on the wrong date.  Once we were off by A YEAR! 

Yesterday, I went to the right place, at the right time however the event had been cancelled.  Today, we went to the wrong place, at the approximate time and had a great time.

Brazil Connection Here We Are, (the exhibition that we were not invited to), was magical.  According to the brochure, “Brazilian art manifestations in all forms, plataforms and possibilities. The “Brazil Connection” exhibition set out to highlight the importance of the diverse artistic movements demonstrated by Brazilian Artists, contemplating expressionism, cinema, abstract movement, surrealism and digital art.  Each artist shows in what Brazil is better, the diversity!

The outside of the building is reminiscent of the Wynwood Building.  Black and white stripes welcome art lovers. About two dozen artists were sharing their art expressions with an appreciative audience. Good art in a professional place. What can I say except… worth the drive there.   ARTHOOD 56 is located at 5600 NW 7tth Ave., Miami, Fl. 33127.

Next we went to the right place and couldn’t find the right door. The EX NIHILIO exhibition is directly across the street from Arthood 56.  It took us 10 minutes to find the gallery.  They too are offering their guests fine works of art to enjoy.  I especially appreciated the works of Michelle Pruitt.  She makes bunnies and snakes with scales.  I don’t make bunnies (unless I copy Bugs); however she creates beautiful snakes laden with perfect tiny scales.  Her presentation is also admirable.  She positions her creations on see-through Plexiglas that hang from the ceiling. If I didn’t create snakes myself, I would purchase some of her works.  Again, worth the drive there.

Studio 58 is located at 5789 NW 7th Ave., Fl. 33127.