I wasn’t sure what this exhibition was going to be about.  Theatre, Opera, the opening of a new club?  Actually it’s more than that.  Much more. It’s a view of humanity and it is stunning.
When you visit The Curtain Rises/ Retrospective Solo Show by contemporary Colombian photographer Juan Sebastian, expect to see soft flowing fabrics, surrounded by harsh environments and determined people. Photographed in various parts of the planet, Sebastian successfully captures the essence of humans, whether they are just entering into a life of surprises and unexpected emotions or sharing their memory-filled intimate, intertwined experiences.  Worth the drive there.
Writer’s note, parking is mostly available in and around this part of Wynwood.  Enter the ‘striped’ B & W building and there are various boutiques and cafes besides the U of M Gallery to enjoy.
The exhibition will be on view from May 8 thru 26, 2019 at the University of Miami Gallery located at 2750 NW 3rd Ave., suite 4, Miami Florida, 33127.  Tel: 395.284.3161.