As a former director of a photo gallery in Bal Harbor, Miami, I can assure you that images of cars sell.  

 It’s just a fact.  Mostly men but women love their cars too.  When a car has gone to car heaven, their former owners mist up at the thought.  I organized an exhibition of vintage car images taken while the exhibiting photographer traveled throughout Cuba, many years ago and people loved it. The car photos, at the gallery where I worked made the front page of the Miami Herald.  The opening night exhibition was packed.

LNS Gallery in SW Miami is presently exhibiting magnificent, voluptuous   images of classic cars produced by photo-realist painter Tim Buwalda and according to the gallery owners; this show was a big-time success.  My take… people have an emotional attachment to their cars.  Especially classic wheels.

We attended the gallery vernissage recently, looking forward to enjoying the works of longtime friend, Mario Bencomo, who was also showing his works.  We’ve known MB for a bunch of decades and we wanted to be there for him.  So did dozens of other exhibiting artists and friends.   You’ll enjoy the works of all of the gifted artists at this avant-garde art space. 

LNS Gallery is located at 2610 SW 28th Lane, Miami Fl. 33133.  Details: 305 987.5642 or visit