This is an amazing show which spot lights 40 exceptional ceramic works of art.

To say that I loved this exhibition is an understatement.  Of course, I’m partial because I’ve been a ceramicist for over 40 years.    

These hand-built creations depict formidable expertise. Each artist has explored clay bodies, glazes and understood the kiln’s intervention.  These are well thought out works of art that ultimately9 become timeless.   I’m sure the temperatures used in each piece easily surpassed 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Any artist who works with elevated temperatures understands heat, height and placement of their works inside the kilns.  Everything has to be exactly lined up and that too is an art form.  

These works are drawn from the collection of Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz, who have the most significant encyclopedic collection of major Japanese modern and contemporary ceramics outside of Japan. 

Everything was created over the course of the past six decades. Glazes, shapes and just the way these Japanese master artists approach their works is (at least for me) thrilling and inspirational.

Jill Deupi, Beaux Arts Director and Chief Curator of the Lowe said, “The Lowe is delighted to have the opportunity to present these extraordinarily beautiful objects in a comprehensive exhibition.  I am deeply grateful to the Horvitzes for their generosity in lending these works to the Lowe and other museums across the country.  Their commitment to the arts-including living artists and museums-is extraordinary, as is the impact they have had on elevating the profile of contemporary Japanese ceramics outside of their country of origin.”

The catalogue is informative for artists and art aficionados alike and successfully examines the process of masters creating masterpieces.  The exhibition runs until September 23, 2016.  Visit for details or call 305.284.5587..