I don’t often see the word EXQUISITE when press describes any exhibition.  

However, the Japanese Doll Show that just closed (6/1/18), at the North Campus Miami Dade College Gallery was just that…EXQUISITE.  The show entitled Dolls of Japan: Shape of Prayer, Embodiments of Love was on loan in conjunction with the Consulate General of Japan.  It included Hina ningyo (girls’ festival dolls), and Gogatsu ningyo (boys’ day dolls) and a rare Oyama Ningyo (doll photo included), as well as the delicate HINA NINGYO pair of festival dolls.

In Japan, dolls reflect the customs of the country and aspirations of its people.  There are dolls that possess distinctive regional attributes, and over the centuries have developed in many diverse forms.

Over 75 detailed dolls created with time-honored methods are delicately displayed in the gallery.  The workmanship is immaculate. The textiles are vibrant and attention to detail is paramount.  Additionally, the faces of the dolls are carefully sculpted from pulverized oyster shell to achieve delicate and serene facial expressions.  Unfortunately, if you missed the exhibition you can follow the show to Argentina or check out my photos.