We attended the occasional opening of the Fountainhead Residency in NW Miami recently. 

Not to be confused with the Fountainhead arts function that takes place in the Morningside neighborhood in NE Miami almost on a monthly basis.  Ayn Rand would be flattered.

The Fountainhead doesn’t really open its doors to a herd of friends and arts lovers very often.  Although that isn’t really true.  If you just wanted to wander in to see some of the ‘artists ateliers’ anytime, I’m sure you would be welcomed.  It’s just that during their ‘official’ openings the artists offer guests wine and nibbles and are anxious to share their philosophies on anything. 

This past week (third week of April), we noticed many additional artists’ doors were closed.  Still, artists such as Carla Fache, (true to professionalism), was delighted to welcome meandering art lovers into her creative nest.   One visitor confided to us that the Fountainhead might be closing its doors within the year.  Checking around didn’t give us much information.  Neither did their Internet site.  We’ll keep checking.  In the meantime if they decide to have another “Arts Night”, I’ll keep you posted. 

Fountainhead is located at 7328 NW Miami Ct., Miami 33150