Words that come to mind when I view works created by Sid Daniels are Professional, Consistent, Impeccable, Sensual, Balanced, Thoughtful, and Complete. 

His style like most artists has evolved throughout the years and yet remained flamboyant and mathematically personal. Even his Latin flavored, shapely women are a study in persistence, form and structure. Every line and hue is purposeful.

Daniels is presently showing 26 of his paintings throughout the ample lobby of the South Point Gallery. During his opening night reception he took several of us aside and explained his painting process.  Various coats of acrylics never seem enough to him.  Once he has found his color scheme the precision work really begins.  It involves tedious concentration, some very sharp cutter blades and layering.  The final results show his mastery.  The numerous coats add depth.  The perfectly trimmed forms beckon investigation by the viewer.   At least in my mind it does. 

I had an art teacher in Jr. High School who always told us to stand back.  Let the artworks breath. I didn’t pay attention to her back then and I still don’t.  I like to get very close and very personal with the art that I see all around me.  I stand within inches of many works.  Then I stand against the walls and peer at the works from the sides. Occasionally museum and gallery guards catch me touching the goods with the tips of my fingers.  However wrong, close inspection usually gives me a better feeling about what the artist was trying to express.

Daniels has found a niche. Then he does what every good artist should do.  He exploits his ideas until he gets to the core.  Ultimately he has to trust his/her understanding and then run with it. Bravo Sid.

If you’re in the Miami Beach South Point area, try to see his works.  They are on view for the next 3 months at The Gallery located inside the reception area of 400 South Point Dr., right across from Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant. Contact Sid atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  www.siddaniels.com