The fascinating thing about Miami is that something is always waiting to be discovered.  

There is a large space including a vast patio area located at 1440 Biscayne Blvd., in downtown Miami.  No, it’s not the Spanish Cultural Center however they are on opposite sides of the same block; hence they must be connected on several levels.

Roca is a family workshop set up one century ago in Barcelona.  Today it is a global organization with a presence in 170 countries and a world reference in the creation of bathroom spaces.  Faithful to their corporate values they consistently promote environmental issues and encourage the arts.

Recently Roca invited guests to view a cornucopia of works by artists whose creations included fashion, sculpture, paintings and jewelry.  The quality of the artistic projects was impressive.   Major objets d’art were created by Italian artist Andrea Sbra Perego.

The inspiration for this project came from the efforts of Roca to support the protection of the environment as well as a conservation effort for water conservation.  According to Roca this project will generate more than $40 million in energy and water savings for Miami International Airport.  Photos include highlights of the evening’s festivities.