The Commenoz Gallery in Key Biscayne has remained a beacon of artistic integrity for decades. 

Naydu Commenoz owner and expert art consultant in both two and three dimensional art has consistently brought in top-notch artists whose oeuvres are complex, multidimensional and in my humble opinion… superb.  She and her late husband Serge made it their goal to search for the finest quality paintings, sculptures and even sublime jewelry from all parts of the world and share it all with appreciative art lovers.  

Recently we attended the latest Commenoz opening entitled “The Dimension of No Time” with works created by Eugenio Cuttica (Buenos Aires).

Eugenio Cuttica is one of this season’s featured artists.  Wheat fields overlapped by remarkable transparencies in the form of young humans, connote space and timelessness.  His brush strokes are meticulous and must be extensively time consuming to the point of becoming obsessive. The accuracy of his subject matter almost tricks the mind into believing that his works are photographic.  Color, harmony and an infinite understanding of ‘beyond’ entices the viewer to dive into his works and wander observantly.

Located at 328 Crandon Boulevard, Suites 218-219 in Key Biscayne, Fl. 33149.  The gallery also exhibits staple artists such as Steve Perrault, a pool table signed by Romero Britto.  Next opening will feature one of my favorite exceptionally gifted artists Jordi Prat Pons.  So worth the drive there. 

Details: or call 305.361.7052.