ARTundressed was a naughty yet nice interesting selection of creative, sensual, thought,  provoking works of art that were on view during a  rainy Miami weekend recently.   

The paintings, photos and sculptures reflected a wide range of bodily positions.  I found myself asking “how did they do that?” or just, “upsy, do-sy, watch your poopsy”.

The show took place at the VIP Private Key Club, 567 NW 27th St. where alluring fashions, juxtaposed with some sexy, bumping and grinding, drum pounding music.  The guests (as  I expected),  in many instances were a surprising blend of talented, free-spirited, ready to mix and mingle, local, church going folks wearing in some cases practically nothing.  Add to that a cast of gifted erogenous humans who were no doubt going to the gym very often and continuously pumping… and you were witnessing a pleasure-soaked artistic gathering… AND that was just the opening night exhibition.   

Over 100 artists representing a nice selection of countries came together to share their artistic passions. 

Check out my photos. J