The Wynwood Area was a rather seedy and darkish place to visit a very few years ago. 

Sure, parking was a breeze because people really didn’t want to venture into the neighborhood. Darkish, because most of the area had little or no night lighting after sunset.   I remember the Tony Goldman ‘Gallery-ART Space’ hired patrol teams to make sure that the visiting art-lovers made it from their cars to the art space and back to their cars safely.  All that was way back when.

Things have changed.  Today that same neighborhood is filled with fantastic outdoor art works on many of the buildings.  Restaurants seem to be doing well.  We had a really good pizza at JOEY’s (2506 NW 2nd. Ave., Miami 33127), and afterwards strolled around the WYNWOOD WALLS and the WYNWOOD YARD... for free.  Parking isn’t easy anymore.  That comes with success I guess. 

We really enjoyed the paintings exhibited within the Walls.  So worth the drive there.

Things are changing again.  I’ve spoken to several businesses and artists who can no longer afford to pay the rising Wynwood rents and have since moved northwards to Little Haiti and westward to Allapattah, (nicknamed Little Santo Domingo in 2003).  Tis the nature of the beast. 

Next neighborhood to watch explode: Little River.  If you haven’t bought property in Little River by now, it’s too late.  Enjoy the Wynwood Art Galleries while they last.