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Billed at “Greatest Show & Tell on Earth” Maker Faire piqued my curiosity because of the way Faire was spelled. 

Faire in French translates as to MAKE.  The invite said, “Maker Faire Miami is a weekend festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness that inspires us all to join a growing, global community of makers, builders and doers.  South Florida’s largest show-and-tell will feature more than 150 artists and entrepreneurs from across the Western Hemisphere and Europe, who will showcase their knowledge, skills and creations in technology, science, engineering, design, food, crafts, music and much more.  With a range of attractions and activities for ALL AGES, the two-day Faire is an inclusive event for the whole family.”

Sounds good no?

I attended the free (4th part), KILN TOUR.  I was especially excited because I’m a Kiln user/owner and a Ceramic/Sculptor Professor.  The first three events took place at various locations.  Morning at the Ceramic Art League in SW Miami.  The second event happened at the Bakehouse in NW Miami.  The third part of the tour took place at the Carolina Sardi Studio and the final part of the excursion was at MIA, (Miami Industrial Arts) where I happen to be a member and a working artist.

About a dozen people showed up at 7:00 p.m.  They wandered around until a Mr. James Herring positioned himself at the wheel and threw a tiny teacup on a hump.  It took him about a minute of wheel work and he did manage to say a few dozen words.  That was it.  We all patiently waited until he decided to fire up the raku kiln.  No words of wisdom just a bunch of people staring at a closed, small kiln.  Four people got up and left.  I was number five.  Seriously, was this a sampling of a ‘weekend of intervention, creativity…...?” 

I’ve been a participant of Raku firings numerous times in France and at the U of M.  Firings are usually filled with food and drinks, and exciting talks amongst creative artists. New ideas fuse while the glazed pottery morphs.  This FIRE- FAIRE was so boring I almost fell asleep while waiting for the kiln temperature to rise.

According to another source, Maker Faire was a mild success for the under 21 age group. Let’s hope for the best next year.

If you want to see a Kiln/Wheel Professor (me),  throw, sculpt and actually explain the Ceramic procedure for creating a piece of pottery please CLICK HERE