I wasn’t familiar with Carol Brown Goldberg’s works.  Presently until May 21st, Ms. Goldberg’s works are on view at The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum and worth the drive there to check out her exhibition entitled Tangled Nature.

I admit parking in the daytime is a huge problem.  Eventually I did find a spot.  A thoughtful maintenance man escorted me in his golf cart to the museum’s front door.

The main reason that I was able to see the show was because the museum offered a Master Art Class that I signed up for.  In spite of the distance from my house to the museum I felt compelled to make the schlep.

Goldberg’s artistic process is both controlled and chaotically diverse.   Her lines crowd the canvas with multiple, miniscule accents.  Stand away from her works and encounter a convoluted, entangled view of various forms of vegetation.  Walk closely up to her works and you see the mind of an excessive, painstaking artist, interweaving playful twists and turns and forced consternation.

The Master Class consisted of 9 gifted artists seated in the art space. Our professor wanted us to be inspired by Ms. Goldberg’s creations.  The goal was to copy and yet incorporate our personal footprint onto the notebook paper during the 2-hour class.  Then it was comparison time.  As expected our individual personalities appeared in the final results. From prime and proper to twisted and complex.  I produced the latter.

Her organic, almost extraterrestrial works easily allowed the students to better understand her tangled, interwoven interpretations and appreciate the concentration that she must have in order to physically create her visions.  

FIU Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, 10975 SW 17th St., Miami 33199.  Details: 305.348.2890.