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Another great year for one of the best Art Festivals in the USA. The weather was obliging.
The crowds were front and center during the 3-day, artistic manifestation and I actually witnessed clients carrying purchased works of art. 
At the entrance, I encountered this year’s poster artist Dr. Guy Harvey.  He’s fun and happy to be showing his aquatically inspired paintings. Needless to say that this show is one of the most sought after shows to be involved in by artists everywhere.  Most of the exhibiting artists seemed to have done very well financially. That means that art lovers were impressed with the selection of art and artists were on the cusp of creativeness. 
The competition among artists is fierce some. I know.  I was one of the judges several years ago deciding who was going to exhibit and who wasn’t. It was a painful experience. No judges (all of whom are working artists themselves) want to eliminate another artist.   Alas.
This is one of the best festivals anywhere.  If you missed it this year, well next year is only 12 months away.

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