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Project Gallery:  Diego Bianchi-WasteAfterWaste (2015)

PAMM presents a newly-commissioned installation by Argentinian artist Diego Bianchi that addresses consumption and consumer waste. The installation will open with a special four-day performance that uses tattoos as a method to consider waste and “disposable” products in relation to material commitments that last a lifetime.

An immersive installation composed of found objects from around Miami, structured around impulsive purchases and the rapid use and disposal of products is apparent in Bianchi’s “tornado”.  The trash collected alludes to sculptures in an intentionally crude, tornado-like environment forcing the viewer to confront its presence.  Bianchi collected discarded objects found on the streets and in thrift stores, such as broken stereo equipment, chairs, sunglasses, cell phones, beach towels and even drywall from the de-installation of the museum’s recent exhibition.

Bianchi’s work is directly informed by artists like Catalan Master Anotoni Tapies, who’s retrospective Tapies: From Within is concurrently on view at the PAMM through May 3.  On Saturday, 2/21/15, Ines Katzenstein, Argentinian contemporary art scholar and curator, will discuss Diego’s body of work in conjunction with the artist’s new large-scale installation on view in the project gallery.

Two photos of works by Tapies on view at the PAMM.  The last shot is of Bianchi during the installation.