It’s a small exhibiting space in SW Miami. The Container Space is intimate and concentrates on finding the right artist to fill the gallery environment with each person’s special energy. This experimental artist’s enclave has established a tiny artist niche, off of 11th Ave. and SW 6th Street in Miami. 

Rotating talented painters and sculptors who need a temporary showroom, have managed to form a collaborative nest there and make sharing their works an important part of the community.  They are a determined group of creators, which include a theatre ensemble, several learning spaces, a dance area and a small gallery.  Painters, sculptors and mixed media artists invite friends and family to this unique ARTs environment for drinks, conversations and mingling which takes place during the monthly opening night receptions. 

Carla Fache, a fearless, Chilean born, spiritual painter is presently sharing her ‘energy filled’ paintings with collectors and friends at the space.  She is part of the Fountainhead Studios Group (7339 NW Miami CT., 33150); consisting of innovative people, who work in a NW atelier, yet exhibit around the world.  Her works are on view through January and part of February, 2015 at the Container Space.  Details: 786.709.5129 or visit: